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Arduino Hackathon 2022

Members of UQ MARS, Robogals Brisbane and QUT Robotics came together to develop solutions to the theme of assistive technology in a timed event spanning three days.

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Pose Estimation Talk

Dr Tyson Phillips talks about pose estimation, localisation and LiDAR, and how these can be used to find Chicken McNuggets.

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PCBs in Industry

PCB expert Scott Williams shares his top tips to improve your circuit board design skills in this industry seminar.

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NASA Conference

Dr Ravi Margasahayam talks about his 28 year career in Systems and Safety Engineering, working at NASA on the forefront of space technology.

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Tiny Giant Robot Talk

Dr Pauline Pounds has a wealth of experience in mechatronics research projects and will discuss her current research project on a bipedal walking robot she calls the "Tiny Giant Robot".

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CSIRO site visit 2021

A tour of the CSIRO's Queensland Centre for Advanced Technology's robotics research and development facility.

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