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Robotics and stuff. Workshops. Hackathons. Pizza. Terrible humour.

Who We Are

Rebranded from UQ Robotics in 2019, UQ MARS aims to assist its students in all their robotic endeavours.  This may be through a wide variety of academic, competitive, or career-orientated activities, as the society runs workshop events to assist students with their learning, has a team interested in competitive robotics events and can be a source of networking opportunities with industry contacts.

Student Driven

We place a large focus on building connections between our students. Our club meetings, workshops and games nights are a great way to get involved in UQ’s robotics community and introduce yourself to some new friends.  The club also has a large focus on competitive robotics, having participated in global competitions with projects carried through from the drawing board to construction to demonstration. Our competitive projects are a great way to apply and develop many of the concepts taught in classes, and help students build confidence in their abilities as developing engineers.  The club is run by our executive team made up of undergraduate students, each of whom has a firm passion for robotics and technology.

Executive Team

Our executive team that puts in the work to make this society possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up?

UQ MARS has a membership form you can fill out, or by asking one of our executive members to help you. There is also a stall each year at Market Day where you can speak with the team and find out more about the club. Membership is $2 annually.

Do I have to be a Mechatronics major to join?

No! Mechatronics students may make up the majority of our members, but UQ MARS is open to any student at UQ with an interest in the field and a desire to get involved. As mechatronic systems are a composite of many different aspects of engineering, we highly encourage interested Mechanical, Electrical, Software and IT majors to sign up.

How can I participate in a MARS Project?

Announcements are made to members in the developmental stages of a new project. A memo will go out to members and be posted on the UQ MARS Facebook page with a description of the project, and a request for expressions of interest. Just fill out the form and you will be kept in the loop through a mailing list.