UQ MicroMouse Competition 2021

UQ MARS is proud to announce that we will be hosting a MicroMouse competition on November 27th, 2021 right here at UQ!

MicroMouse is a competition to create an autonomous robot capable of reaching the centre of the maze. The goal is to reach the centre in the fastest time, however for first-time competitors, reaching the centre is in itself a very respectable achievement.

The maze layout is unknown before the competition. Therefore, the mouse must be programmed to initially map the maze, starting from one corner and finding an optimum path to the centre. The build runs very similar to a team project with up to four people, and various design challenges making the goal easier said than done.


Why should I participate?

By participating in a MicroMouse competition, you will learn and refine a lot more skills than most university projects. The skills required are highly relevant to any facet of an engineering degree, especially for mechatronics students. You will develop a broad range of skills and have the opportunity to truly design a project for yourself.

What should I expect?

Prototyping is something which is vital to the competition. It is normal for most teams to make multiple iterations of their mouse before arriving at a solution which is competition-worthy. Making the mouse move in a straight line is harder than you would think, however is far from impossible. The experience, however, is a very rewarding one, and you will feel far more competent in your abilities as an engineer by Competition Day.

What goes into designing a MicroMouse?

Broadly speaking, a MicroMouse may be broken down into the following subsystems and components:

  • PCB Design – Electronic components such as sensors, power supply and motors
  • Programming – Controlling the movements of the mouse and pathfinding algorithms to reach the centre
  • Physical Design – Motors and gearing, component placement and 3D printing
Something else?

Feel free to get in contact if you have any further questions. Our Executive Team is really set on making this competition an enjoyable experience for everyone involved and are more than happy to passionately answer any questions you might have about the competition, teams or registration.

Rules and Documentation

The specification outlining the rules of the competition may be found below. The document includes an overview of the event, outlining items such as maze dimensions and competition rules. It is subject to change over the coming months so be sure to keep an eye on it as we fine tune the rules. General guidelines should remain constant, however there may be a few minor tweaks here and there. Items such as maze dimensions and robot requirements will not be changed.