Joshua Lai


Joshua coordinates the club’s executive team and handles communication between UQ MARS and the Student Union. 

Shanker Dorairajan


Shanker concentrates on the administration of the club and ensures meetings run smoothly, creating agendas and taking minutes. He also handles all official correspondence.

Jay Hunter


Handling the budget of the club, Jay tracks spending for events and projects, in addition to income generated by merchandise, grants and membership.

Matthew Cook

Marketing Officer

Matthew runs the club’s social media accounts, creating promotional material for online and print use. He keeps members informed of upcoming events and projects. 

Konrad Born

Logistical Committee

Konrad works to ensure events and projects run smoothly, assisting with much of the planning and forethought such as material arrangements, member availability and acquisition of components. 

Benjamin von Snarski

Technical Officer

Ben maintains the UQ MARS’ website and handles domain-related matters. Learn more about him here.

Ash Chad Masame

Project Lead

Ash is our chad project lead who organises the several projects that take place at UQ MARS. He has led our official teams in competitions such as the Droid Racing Challenge.

Alnmad Alnmad

General Committee

Alnmad works as a general committee, helping with organising events, workshops and competitions. He is also one of the team leaders for the Droid Racing Challenge.

Kelly Zhou

General Committee

Kelly is a part of the general committee, who has designed our new club T-shirt shown in our photos. She also helps with managing events and securing sponsorships.