Joshua Lai


Joshua coordinates the club’s executive team and handles communication between UQ MARS and the Student Union. 

Nicole Harding


Nicole concentrates on the administration of the club and ensures meetings run smoothly, creating agendas and taking minutes. She also handles all official correspondence.

Callum Breetzke


Handling the budget of the club, Callum tracks spending for events and projects, in addition to income generated by merchandise, grants and membership.

Anastasia Laczko

Technical Officer (Sem 1)

Anastasia developed and maintains UQ MARS’ website and handles domain-related matters. She also took photos and recordings for events to aid in developing our blog posts.

Benjamin von Snarski

Technical Officer (Sem 2)

Ben maintains the UQ MARS’ website and handles domain-related matters. He is not, however, good at taking photos and cannot smile properly in front of a camera. But at least he made his own description funny.

Konrad Born

Logistical Committee

Konrad works to ensure events and projects run smoothly, assisting with much of the planning and forethought such as material arrangements, member availability and acquisition of components. 

Riley Bowyer

Logistical Committee

Riley is highly involved in many of the club’s projects, often providing technical experience and direction to ensure prototypes and development remain on track. 

Matthew Cook

Marketing Officer

Matthew runs the club’s social media accounts, creating promotional material for online and print use. He keeps members informed of upcoming events and projects. 


Harsha Joshi

General Committee

Harsha coordinates the clubs sponsorship initiatives and supports the team with event planning and logistics. She is looking forward to meeting members at our build nights.